• Tabitha Sheppard

The importance on Abstinence

I would like to raise awareness on the beneifits of clean dating. Clean dating is basically dating minus the sex. It promotes Gods true design for your lives. God created sex as a consumation of marriage it was intended as gift he gave to married people. God forbids premarital sex and repeatedly warns of this throughout the bible. Wordly suggestions and pressures cause people to shy away from Gods true intentions. I do believe that if it not been for the fear people feel of loosing out they probably would consider. Gods plan is for holiness and not a comprimised holiness but true holiness for scripture says in Romans 12 to offer your bodies holy and pure for that is the proper way to worship. I encourage you today to walk in holiness to study scripture and apply the word of God to your livs. Begin to trust in Gods way and in His provisions.

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No matter what the topic is, it all goes back to God!!

The topic of todays blog is no matter what the topic of life you are on it could be realtionships, finances family emotional stability salvation or your overall prosperity it all goes back to God. Go

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