The Virtuous Woman

Inspired by the heart of God, The Virtuous Woman is about the worldy

suggestions that are placed on women. Being a woman in today’s world  is 

very trying as we are constantly compared to the celebrities and video vixens 

of the world. This comparison has completely replaced God’s idea for our 

lives and who he created us to be. We have lost sight of the Proverbs 31 woman 

and replaced her with the reality show diva or some other woman who 

received fame based on her looks or how much drama she caused. God 

designed us as women. We are purposed, ordained and anointed to be great. 

This greatness is in our DNA and it cannot be fabricated or bought. 


The Virtuous Woman talks about the things women go through but rarely 

talk about. Created to uproot insecurities and esteem you in God’s Word,

The Virtuous Woman will empower you to walk in freedom as you learn to

allow the real Boaz, Christ our Savior, to esteem you. Open your eyes and 

your mind and allow God to define you. In doing so you will no longer be 

bound or pressured to become what this insatiable world desires, as Christ 

will give you confidence and victory through Him! 


The Virtuous Woman

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